The Islands of Iros

by L.M. Bracklow

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Meet Luke, Kaori and Damien!

Join them as they embark on a journey across the sea with the Crimson Raiders—the noble soldiers who protect their island home—in hopes of finding the sorcerer’s finger, which is rumored to bestow unimaginable powers on the one who consumes it.



Twelve-year-old Luke Weiler lives in awe of his older brother, a noble soldier who protects their island home from brutal Mokrullian enemies. When his brother’s ship explodes before an important mission, Luke suspects the Mokrullian leader, Elvos Kreen, is responsible. Vowing revenge, he enrolls at the Nakamura Training Camp to become a soldier.

Having lived for years in servitude of the man who killed her parents, twelve-year-old Kaori Takenouchi dreams of freedom. She finally runs away, hoping to experience adventure like those she has read about in books. Thinking she might find excitement at sea, she joins the training campin hopes of becoming a Crimson Raider, the celebrated soldiers that protect their island.

To find treasure chests brimming with gold is twelve-year-old Damien Berlinger’s dream. He knows the only way to achieve this is by becoming a Crimson Raider and joining them on their annual quest to the island of Mundrah, where ruthless giants fiercely guard heaps of gold. When his best friend Luke decides to enroll at the Nakamura Training Camp, Damien joins him at once, determined to someday battle these giants and rob them of their treasure.

The new recruits are told three of them will be given the honor of joining the Crimson Raiders’ delayed mission – searching for Selior Darakhan’s finger. According to legend, Darakhan was a sorcerer who transferred all his powers into his severed index finger before he was caught and executed for committing unforgivable crimes. Supposedly, whoever finds and consumes the finger will absorb its power, becoming a sorcerer themselves. This rumor was enough to send seamen everywhere on a ceaseless search. The finger, nevertheless, has never been found.